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NTGP has more than 1500 kinds of perfume bottles. For different perfume bottles, we offer unique designs of perfume pumps and sprayers. These pumps come in different colors, designs, and shapes. They are designed to lock the bottles and prevent the leakage of the perfume.They do not just act as a sprayer but also acts as a cap that seals the top of any bottle. The pump is easy to press and dispenses the right amount of product. The mist dispensed is really fine, and the cap on the top prevents any damage to the liquid inside. These pumps are made from aluminum, plastic. Our pumps have the attractive features: Excellent materials, uniform spray rate, durable, Strict manufacture of pump core, Pipe length could be customized.  You can make them customized as per your own requirement and needs. You only to share the required design with our professionals. We could do our best to design and to achieve the products you need. These pumps with various specifications can be selected to support customization to meet the needs of different customers. Our pumps for perfume bottles are very easy to press and could dispense the right rate. The mist dispensed is very good. We test the fit of the pumps and caps and bottles several times before mass production till the pumps with caps have comfortable tightness. Don’t worry about the liquid leakage. We believe you could be satisfied our standard and special packaging. As manufacturers and wholesale dealers, we offer you the best price and the best quality. You need to place your bulk orders with us today so that we can offer you the most exciting discounted prices. Hurry up and place your order today with us at the earliest to avail discounts and let us give you the best market rates available.

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