Do you know what you should pay attention to when using nail polish?

Do you know what you should pay attention to when using nail polish?

When it comes to manicure, we naturally think of the colorful, dazzling nail oil.But this small bottle body, also like color and appearance, there is a big mystery, today to share some of the use of nail oil some small common sense to everyone.

1. Shake the polish before applying it.

Before applying the polish, make sure the bottle is secured and shake for 20 to 30 seconds. The louder the shake, the better the quality of the polish. If you can’t hear anything when you shake, it’s a bad sign.

In addition, nail polish has no shelf life, unless the bottle is not properly connected or stored, every time you use nail polish, clean and neatly put the bottle, even new nail polish should also be stored in the shade.

2. The brush used to apply the polish varies from nail to nail.

The nail polish brush, like an eyelash brush, depends on the situation. If the nail is long, fine and narrow, consider using a small brush to avoid painting outside the nail because the brush is larger than the nail. Instead, use a wide brush for wide nails.

3. Apply a fluorescent finish coat base and white finish.

Because the fluorescent pigment is not too concentrated, it is not easy to cover, for green generally need to apply three layers to cover the color of the nail, so smear a layer of white nail oil is a good choice, in addition, also need to apply very evenly, if there are several smear thickness is different, will show white nail oil.

Fluorescent nail polish contains the same pigment as regular nail polish. As with regular oil, you need to apply a base coat to protect your nails before applying fluorescent nail polish, and apply another coat 2 to 3 days later.

4. Ice water accelerates the drying of nail polish.

In case of time pressure, we can consider using ice water to speed up the drying of nail polish, but first, must wait until the surface of nail polish is completely dry.

Some people try to restore nail polish with a few drops of nail polish remover, which is not only wrong, but also very bad. Doing so will break down the chemical structure of the polish. There are nail polish thinners that can dilute the polish when it becomes sticky, but nail polish remover should not be used under any circumstances.

5. Nail polish has no time limit.

A mistake many women make is to rush to remove nail polish in three days, thinking it’s for the health of their nails. In fact, nail polish to keep three days, eight days or half a month is OK.

In order not to dry your nails, you should first remove the nail polish with a nail remover that does not contain acetone. Then, push away the dead skin around your nails. If necessary, polish your nails and apply a coat of polish to the top of your nails to lay the foundation for your next coat of polish.

All in all, these are the things we should keep in mind when using nail polish in our lives. Do you remember?


Post time: Apr-19-2021