The upending age of perfume

01 fragrance has a variety of choices, synthetic flavor on the stage

In the 19th century, due to the development of modern chemical technology, the use of fragrance was no longer limited to natural ingredients, and the invention of synthetic fragrance opened a new door to perfume industry. That is, from the beginning of this era, all the fragrances that can only be imagined in the past, through the hands of the perfumer one by one restore. In addition, the invention of distiller, it is to promote the industrialization of perfume path, not only people's sense of smell fastidious degree is constantly promoted, the whole perfume industry also produced tremendous changes.

With the emergence of new glass manufacturing technology in Venice, Italy, glass perfume bottle returned to THE C position, glass is the most widely used perfume bottle material list.


02 The road of defending the glass perfume bottle

The biggest problem of ceramic perfume bottle is that the cork of ceramic bottle seriously affects the sealing of perfume, which is not conducive to long-term preservation.

As perfume containers, glass is more capable. Not only has good air tightness, but also can be processed into different shapes and colors, low cost is successful into the civilian class.

The art Nouveau movement that began in the second half of the 19th century, as the forerunner of world modernism design style, made glass art to achieve a new field more, with all kinds of perfume bottles made of glass contend with each other. For a while, ceramic perfume bottle gradually withdrew from the mainstream stage, glass perfume bottle successfully crowned as the new favorite of perfume industry.


03 The Perfumed Couple napoleon and Josephine Napoleon and his wife Josephine were lovers of perfumes.

Queen Josephine was a lover of strong perfumes and loved strong scents. To maintain her pleasant scent, her bathroom was filled daily with strong musky, vanilla and amber scents that could still be smelled 70 years later, earning her the nickname "Musky madman." Napoleon himself was a big fan of cologne, consuming 60 bottles a month and using 5kg of it every day to bathe and drink. Not be a family does not enter a house, Napoleon and Josephine both are sweet crazy, more amway all palace minister became to use sweet master, promoted the further development of perfume industry.


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