Glass bottle spraying process

In addition to the primary color glass bottles produced by furnace coloring, some of the color glass bottles we see everyday are colored by spraying. In particular, the colorful glass bottles we see are colored by spraying.

Our spraying factories are strictly selected and control all procedures of glass bottle spraying. Starting from the soot blowing and purification section of glass bottle, if the process requirements of the sprayed workpiece are relatively high, this section is essential. Otherwise, if there is a lot of dust adsorbed on the workpiece, there will be a lot of particles on the surface of the workpiece after processing, which will reduce the quality, Whether the spraying plant has soot blowing and purification procedures is an important sign to check the advantages and disadvantages of the coating plant.

The requirements of spraying on the environment are very high. A clean workshop meeting the cleanliness level must be used. The whole spraying process is carried out in closed equipment to avoid the particles in the air adhering to the bottle and affecting the product quality.

We can customize the color according to the color of customer samples.


Post time: May-26-2022