Glass is a wonderful substance.

Glass is a wonderful substance that provides unlimited creative space for the imagination and talent of artists. And the glass products that can make the girls move their feet, perfume bottle is a, the appearance level of excellent perfume bottle undoubtedly makes a person good impression.

Most perfume brands in the idea of a new fragrance concept, the first thing is to find a master design in line with the tonality of the perfume bottle, perfume bottle designer usually after the turn of the master stage; Some people think that "perfume bottles are containers of incense made in a mold." In fact, the production process of exquisite perfume bottles can be as equal as works of art, and the bottle's cost is far higher than the perfume itself.


Glass became one of the most dynamic manifestations of French decorative art in the first half of the 20th century, largely thanks to Rene Lalique (1860-1945), a master jeweler and glass artist.

A pioneer of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements, he led the revival of the French luxury market. René Lalique worked in the jewelry industry for about 20 years before turning his design and business talents almost entirely to glass production. His jewelry design works are amazing, perfume bottle design is just as good as his jewelry design.


Rene Lalique's perfume bottles are well known because at that time, Rene Lalique designed and manufactured perfume bottles for Francois Coty's perfumery. His glass work became so famous that many perfumers, including D 'Orsay and Forvil, wanted to cooperate with him.

From Lalique's works, we can see that classical aesthetics and modern aesthetics are simultaneously expressed through simple shapes, symmetry and beautiful proportions.


Lalique also respects the transparency and translucency of glass. He takes full advantage of these natural properties by choosing colorless, matte and opalescent glass, often adding delicate textures to them. The gold and amber color of the scented liquid inside the bottle seemed to glow.

"Les Sirenes" perfume, gold-plated metal lid with opal and diamonds, Rene Lalique, circa 1905 (image has color difference) Cr.Pinterest

After the death of Rene Lalique, from the second generation of members, crystal became the main development force, and Lalique brand (Lalique) from the glass era into the crystal era. Today, Lalique has become one of the oldest and most famous crystal brands in the world through three generations of efforts.

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