How to choose a perfume for a date?

Perfume brings women unique charm numerous living beings, and can well highlight the female personality and taste.

To choose a perfume is to choose your sense of smell. It can reveal a lot about yourself. When you date, you must choose a perfume that suits your personality and makes you feel confident.

Here are some suggestions for choosing the perfect perfume for your date.

1. Learn about your olfactory inheritance

What kind of emotion perfume can bring to you depends on your sense of smell inheritance. Your olfactory heritage is formed from a very young age, representing all the odors, odors and tastes you perceive in your life, and associated with pleasant memories. For example, it may remind you of your love for a grandfather who cherishes you and takes you to his garden to mow the lawn or to pick vegetables. In this case, the green smell is likely to be your favorite smell.

2. Choose a perfume that reflects an authentic image of yourself

The perfume, if it’s well-chosen, will echo your personality and your date will not only remember you, but also your olfactory identity. So choose a fragrance that reflects your true self.

3. Pick a fragrance that gives you a strong emotion

A perfume that reflects your authentic self is a perfume that gives you strong and positive emotions.

A perfume that can bring pleasure to a person emotions will strengthen self-confidence which is the best power of temptation.

4. Test your perfume before going on the date

Now that you have found a perfume that reflects your true self, gives you self confidence and brings you strong, positive emotions, it will be important to test the perfume on your skin for a few hours before you go on a date. Remember that a perfume will create a unique alchemy on your skin, so it’s impossible to predict in advance how the fragrance will evolve.

Once you’ve followed these few steps, the perfume you’ve chosen will become your best ally during your date!

Post time: Jan-29-2021