How to choose high quality cosmetic glass bottles?

    Nowadays, with the improvement of people’s understanding of skin care products, the sales volume of cosmetic glass bottles has been greatly increased. How to properly select cosmetic glass bottles with high cost performance is related to the sales volume after the goods and the development trend of the company.


         Cosmetic bottles for sale in the market are divided into moisturizing lotion, soft water bottle, cream bottle, perfume bottle, essential oil bottle and nail polish bottle. The key of moisturizing bottle is to store liquid products such as moisturizing lotion or powder. The key is to use mouth bottles, which can be equipped with plastic stoppers, and can also be made of glass beads. Cream bottle is generally used to hold solid and paste goods. It can use wide mouth bottle, which is convenient to use. It has aluminum cover, fresh color and beautiful appearance design; Perfume bottles are glass bottles in full bloom, which can be used with all transparent perfume bottles, and can be fitted with good electrified aluminum covers, and printed and have a unique style of carton, reflecting the grade of products. The essential oil bottle and nail polish bottle can be electroplated glass bottle. This kind of glass bottle can be equipped with a variety of outer covers, with fresh color, beautiful and generous surface, which is in line with the brand image of the commodity.


      Cosmetic glass bottles can carry out electroplating process, painting, powder spraying and other production and processing, improve the added value of goods, enhance the imagination of goods, so that many customers have beautiful experience and impulse to buy. After use, they can be used as art collection, kill two birds with one stone, low-carbon and environmental protection.


Post time: Apr-02-2022