Interpretation of the perfume code — the secret on perfume bottle


When you get a bottle of perfume, you will find that there are many words that are not known. What do these words on the perfume bottle mean?

 The first is Eau De Parfum / Eau De Toilette

 This represents the concentration of flavors, with a total of 5 flavors.

The lightest Eau De Cologn (EDC): Cologne water grade 3-5%, lingering for 1-2h. For example: Jo Malone zumalone

 Slightly thicker Eau De Toiltte (EDT): Eau De Toilette 5-12%, fragrance 3-4h. Suitable for office

 Then add some Eau De Parfum (EDP): mild flavor 12-18%, fragrant 5H. Suitable for use at night

 Thicker parfum: pure flavor 20-40%. Keep fragrant for 5-7h. Generally, it is a relatively expensive spice, or it is specially created by a perfumer. Uncommon

Parfum de Toiltte (PDT): EDP Parfum grade, concentration 20%, fragrance retention for 4-5h. This is even more rare. There seems to be one in Guerlain family

Long letter beginning with two V

 Vaporisateur is often followed by an English, natural spray. It means nozzle belt. It’s not a touch. Before 1960, perfume was basically stained. Only in the 20th century did there be sprinklers

 Three components

 Parfum (French) fragrance (English): essence. Other long words are auxiliary components

 78%vol/vol80%: This shows that this bottle of perfume is made of alcohol, and the 78% is its alcohol content.

 Four bottom

 At the bottom is the logo of the manufacturer. Sometimes you will be surprised to find that the manufacturer is different from the brand. That’s because the designer brand may not have the ability to make perfume, and commissioned a fragrance manufacturer to do so.

For example: Gucci Gucci, Calvin Klein, CK, Burberry, burberry

 But there are also its own perfumes. For example, Hermes has its own royal perfumer on a beautiful hill near glass. And Chanel, Guerlain

 Five salon perfume

The above words are relatively simple. They come from their own salon. It may be the name of a district or building in Paris, which is salon incense.

 Six cylinder identification

 This sign is on the cover. It is an open cylinder. The general numbers are 12, 24, 18, +  M

This means that the shelf life of this bottle of perfume or skin care products is long after opening. Does the perfume have a shelf life? Yes, but if you keep it properly, this period can be greatly extended. How do you keep it?

1. Be sure to keep away from light 2 Isolate the air (coup: turn it upside down and control the air) 3 The nozzle is clean and the cover is tight

 Seven male and female incense

Femme female fragrance and homeme male fragrance

In particular, it is not necessary for girls to use female incense. In fact, the gender of perfume is determined by users, which is actually a convenient marketing for business. Perfume itself is independent of men and women, entirely in its own needs and preferences.


Post time: Mar-22-2022