Is it poisonous to use colored glass bottles?

Is it poisonous to use colored glass bottles? Many people have such concerns. Since it is colored, it must be something like paint. Will regular use of it do health harm to human body?


The master of the glass bottle manufacturer said that the pigment itself is non-toxic, and the glass bottle does not contain toxic substances and heavy metals that can lead to toxic doses. Glass is a very convenient material. It is easy to process. It can be heated to soften without adding anything strange. Just to look good, various pigments are added, and under surface tension, glass is easy to form a smooth surface. On the other hand, it has very stable chemical properties and high hardness, which means it is easy to clean.


Moreover, due to different production processes, the prices of glass bottles are also uneven. Some cheaper ones can be bought online for a few cents. But one thing is certain. These glass bottles are absolutely non-toxic and can be safely used. Glass is easy to carry small bubbles during processing, or uneven edges lead to stress concentration, uneven thickness and other defects. These defects will greatly reduce the various properties of materials, and the increased process difficulty and additional costs required to eliminate these defects are sometimes more than directly scrapping unqualified products.


Therefore, the glass bottle manufacturers promise that both colored glass bottles and cheap glass bottles are free of poison and can be safely used. With the improvement of production technology, more and more glass bottles with different styles and appearances and different uses will be on the market, and customized services can be provided.


Post time: Jul-12-2022