Perfume bottles from fashion

Many perfumes are produced by fashion houses, or perfume itself is a layer of clothing.  So clothing bag, naturally is also one of the important inspiration of bottle design.  

Valentino launched a fragrance called “Vendetta” in 1991, inspired by his own fashion designs.  

There were a lot of pleats in that season, and Vendetta’s bottle was like a little bit of pleated fabric, very flowing.  


Anna Sui designed a bag-shaped perfume bottle in 2000, which was based on the popular Hobo bag at that time.  


Guerlain’s “Dawamesk” has a bow-tied body.  The front and back are gilded, and the dark blue glaze in the middle resembles the shadow in the middle of a double layer of cloth.  Very different from the general transparent glass bottle body design, super chic ~  


Prince Matchabell, that’s the name of this perfume in the shape of a crown.  A Georgian prince has created a line of perfumes named after him and inspired by his crown jewels, aiming to bring “royal dreams” to everyone  


Post time: Feb-11-2022