Personalized expression of cosmetics packaging

(1)The packaging of cosmetics is a colorful world. Different brands of cosmetics will choose appropriate colors according to their own characteristics. White, green, blue and pink are the most common,Purple, gold and black symbolize mystery and nobility, which can be used for high-grade and more personalized cosmetics packaging. Because of its distinctive characteristics, personalized graphics are used as a unique symbolic language in cosmetics packaging design, which can reflect the characteristics of products, show the composition of products and show the use of products. In the creation of cosmetic packaging graphics, we should fully grasp the product positioning, and make it consistent with the color, text and shape of the packaging.

(2) In order to meet the needs of individuality, the packaging form should be innovated. The cosmetic packaging should be the embodiment of the coexistence of generality and individuality. Designers should consider the harmonious unity of packaging function and overall aesthetic feeling when designing. The common geometric shape is the main form of ordinary cosmetics packaging, but the packaging of personalized cosmetics requires its unique style. In the personalized expression of cosmetic packaging, bionic design with natural things as the imitation object is a common design method. Different from the previous single geometric cosmetic packaging, bionic design is not only friendly but also vivid and interesting, achieving the perfect unity of practicality and individuality. It is the basis for consumers to choose cosmetics to provide commodity information, provide commodity information and improve brand grade. The words on the package of cosmetics mainly include brand name, product name, introduction text, etc. When designing brand characters, designers can consider the form and combination of brand characters, so that the characters created can be full of individuality and arouse people’s aesthetic pleasure. Product name should be catchy, simple design, let consumers at a glance. Explanatory text plays an important role in the communication of cosmetic use information. It can make people happy and leave a good impression, so as to obtain good psychological reaction. The size, font and arrangement of the characters on the package of cosmetics, as well as the echoes of graphics and colors, are important factors to achieve the overall visual effect of text style and layout and the theme content. Therefore, the text should not only be well coordinated with the font, but also the color and some strokes should be processed, and the personalized design of the characters should be highlighted, Only in this way can we achieve the perfect effect and become a more powerful means of promotion.

Integrating cultural elements, fully displaying brand connotation, integrating cultural elements, today’s cosmetics packaging design pursues the combination of tradition, shows unique wisdom and era flavor, and strives to achieve a high degree of unity of form and connotation. For example, the scientific, logical, rational and rigorous modeling style of German design, the elegant and romantic sentiment of Italian design, and the novelty, dexterity, lightness and delicacy of Japan are all rooted in their different cultural concepts. In China, the style of packaging design tends to be stable and complete, which means symmetry and integrity in form, which is also the psychological commonness of the whole Chinese nation. In 2008, baicaoji launched a new brand image. The fashionable packaging without losing China’s details was favored by consumers, and won the silver award of 2008 pentawings packaging design. The new image of baicaoji is more simple and exquisite, which integrates international fashion elements and traditional Chinese culture, and is fashionable without losing Chinese details. In the new packaging design, the round flower plate with hundreds of herbal forms covers the top of the bottle, which interprets the meaning of “surrounded by hundreds of herbs”. The shape of the bottle draws inspiration from the traditional Chinese element – bamboo knot, which is very simple and fashionable. Looking at the bottle body and “tuanhua” bottle cap, it is just like a delicate Chinese seal, reflecting the Chinese culture that the brand always contains.

(3) Advocating green environmental protection, leading the beautiful trend, advocating green environmental protection, in the face of global environmental deterioration, cosmetics, as one of fashion signs, comply with the trend of environmental protection, and begin to use recyclable or degradable materials in packaging design to avoid it

As a kind of waste that can not be used and recycled, organic green is strongly advocated to reduce the impact on the environment. For example, Dior introduced the concept of recycling environmental protection to improve the sustainable utilization of Ningshi Jinyan series product packaging; Jurlique brand products from the outer packaging carton to the product bottle and the letter pigment on the bottle body are made of special environmental protection materials, which can be naturally decomposed; Mary Kay adopts recycled and degradable paper packaging and vigorously simplifies it The complexity of packaging has become a pioneer in the promotion of environmental protection in the cosmetics industry. Baicaoji also uses recycled paper to make product packaging, which is printed with the words “support environmental protection, recommend recycling”, and set up recycling boxes in exclusive stores In addition, many brands also print product instructions inside the box to reduce paper waste. More and more cosmetic enterprises and designers are gradually establishing the concept of environmental protection, reducing the amount of packaging, using special materials and “variation” packaging.

Post time: Nov-21-2020