Popular perfume bottle bag, nail oil bottle bag

Divided into small crowd bags, MIN does not have too many commercial designs. What is clearly placed in front of us are bags with strong and distinct styles.


Looking at these pictures, you may not even realize that this is a bag. What inspired the designer to make bags out of these shapes that could be called "utensils"?

Put the question to the place where designer Min grew up, and the answer seems to make sense.

Min and her father, Pan Bolin, were born in shiwan, a small town in the southern corner of the country where pottery is popular. Growing up under the influence of ceramic sculpture art, Min is naturally sensitive to the construction of aesthetics, shapes and colors.


A close look at MIN's collections over the years reveals a string of key words: "color jump", "interesting", "ghost", "unique"...... This is about MIN's style and what makes it recognizable.

At first glance, I was attracted by its three-dimensional shape and striking color contrast, but I did not think: "It is a bag".

The "perfume bottle" appeared early in MIN's collection, and there were several versions of it, from classic, macaron, afternoon perfume, "evolved" to the sugar-coated cannonball perfume we now see.

It can be used as a hand bag and has a metal chain that can be carried across the body. Go out street or party at ordinary times to carry up very convenient, simple to it match a black strap skirt is enough eye-catching.


Since the launch of "Min" nail polish bottle design handbag, it has been the object of all hipsters, and the popularity is rising all the way. Today, xiaobian will take you to see how hot the bag of this series is.

In March 2016, during Toronto Fashion Week, local celebrity stylists carried nail polish bottles made by "Min" to create a bag for street photography. The orange fun attracted attention again, and the famous fashion magazine FLARE also reported it.

"I hope to bring more happiness to women through colorful and interesting design elements, so that they don't forget their own happiness due to the pressure of life and work," Min said.

Post time: May-25-2022