Production Process of Glass Bottle

The glass bottle production process mainly includes:

① Raw material pre-processing. The massive raw materials (quartz sand, soda ash, limestone, feldspar, etc.) are crushed to dry the wet raw materials, and iron in the raw materials is removed to ensure the quality of glass.

② Batch preparation.

③ Melting. The glass batch is heated at high temperature (1550 ~ 1600 Celsius degrees) in the tank or furnace to form uniform, bubble free liquid glass which meets the molding requirements.

④ Molding. The liquid glass is put into the mould to make glass products of the required shape, such as flat plates, various utensils, etc.

⑤ Heat treatment. Through annealing, quenching and other processes, the internal stress, phase separation or crystallization of glass can be eliminated or produced, and the structural state of glass can be changed.

Glass bottles generally have a rigid mark, which is also made of mold shape. According to the manufacturing methods, glass bottles can be divided into manual blowing, mechanical blowing and extrusion molding.

There are many kinds of glass bottles, from small bottles with a capacity of 1ml to large bottles of more than ten liters, from round, square, to shaped and handle bottles, from colorless and transparent amber, green, blue and black shading bottles, and opaque opaque opaque glass bottles.

In terms of manufacturing process, glass bottles are generally divided into two categories: molded bottles (using model bottles) and tube bottles (using glass tube bottles). The moulded bottles can be divided into two types: large mouth bottles (the diameter of the bottle mouth is more than 30mm) and the small mouth bottles. The former is used to hold powder, block and paste articles, while the latter is used to hold liquid.

Appearance: the tube bottle should be more transparent than the molded bottle. The bottom of the tube bottle should be thin, and the bottom of the molded bottle should be thick and uneven, and some of them are uneven. The error of tube outer diameter should be smaller than that of tube bottle!






Post time: Mar-02-2022