Reuse of glass bottles last chapter

Everything, as long as it’s in the right place  

 They always shine brilliantly  

 Most of the waste, if you think about it a little bit  

 A little bit more, and it could turn into a work of art  

 Make it a habit to turn waste into treasure 

 Paper tape decoration method

Paper tape is increasingly being used in all aspects of life  

 And not just as a decoration for journals and cards  

 It’s also super handy for making vases, for example  

 All you need is some pattern with paper tape  

 Apply acrylic paint or spray paint  

 When the tape is removed, it will have a very linear feel  

 Try it out with the steps below  



Fill the bottle with white acrylic paint


Tape a radian or geometric pattern to your liking



Paint with gold or any other color you like


The effect is shown below  

 Let the paint dry and then remove the tape


A super luxury bottle is complete  

 Sprinkle with flowers or eucalyptus leaves  

 The feeling of exquisite petty bourgeoisie will soon be there  


Glass bottle collage

A variety of handmade toys for children  

 Can be used as a bottle collage tool  

 Use buttons, sequins, letters, whatever you have around you  

 Decorate the glass bottles to make them more unique  

 After learning the specific game to do some pen containers, storage boxes, etc  

 Will make children more interested in using them  


Glass bottle wind bell

Wind chimes are traditional decorations in many countries  

 When a gust of wind blows, jingling is super beautiful  

 There are many kinds of instruments for making wind chimes  

 Glass bottles are naturally suitable for wind chimes because of their own characteristics  

 Prepare glass bottles, chains, balls, love pieces, etc  

 Let’s make some vintage glass chimes  


Post time: Dec-28-2021