Reuse your perfume bottles in daily life

We believe everybody love good fragrance. But Good perfumes with lasting fragrance are costly. When we use them up, throw it away or just put them on the self. Shall we reuse them? Yes, of course we can. Here are some DIY ideas to reuse your perfume bottles for reference.

1.Use the empty bottles as flower vases or mini planters
Small plants could grow in your cleaned perfume bottles. Pour water in it and plant a small tree. You can add a new life to your bottles. Or put some water and a small bunch of flowers in the bottles, they could be pretty decorative accent and add some cheer to your home. And don’t forget to add small quantity of salt in the water, which could keep your flowers stay fresh for some time.

2.Use the empty bottles to be candleholder
Use a candle that fits in the open hole of your perfume bottle for the best fit. When the candle is lit, it will drip wax down the bottle. Replace your candle with a new one when it has burned out completely. The layers of wax on the bottle can add a romantic flair to your candleholder. Have a romamtic dinner time with your family with the help of the candleholder.

3.DIY Aromatherapy
Put some perfume or essential oil in the clean perfume bottles, add a small flower. Let the light fragrance spread throughout the room.

4. Make clean perfume bottles to be children's toys
Do you have a girl or a boy? I have a girl. She is four years old. She loves new things. Turn down the TV and play with her with the empty clear perfume bottles. She would be excited and surprised.
a.Children must have many stickers. They like to stick it on the door or on the wall. Tell them to decorate the perfume bottles. Make it as they like.
b.Draw some pictures and glue on the bottles.
c.Girls may have many dresses for their dolls. Make a glass dolls is also a good choice.
d.Turn the bottles into mini plant-holders. Put some soil into the bottle, add a little flower seed or just two garlic and then put some soil. Add small water. Witness the growth of plants with your children.
e.Or just tell your children, they could use the empty clean perfume bottles as they like. They would give you big surprise. Children always have their own imagination and creativity.
It must be noted that, glass bottles is easy broken, parents need to put off their phone and play with them.


Post time: Dec-25-2020