The bottle has been more than half successful

Man is a “visual animal”  

 Often through the visual stimulation to achieve psychological satisfaction  

 Sometimes it doesn’t matter whether perfume smells or not  

 The bottle has been more than half successful  

Through the presentation of glass cutting and carving art, the sense of line and mystery of female body perfectly matches the texture and shape of glass, producing a hazy and delicate effect. 


Plant and insect elements bring vibrant natural and vivid atmosphere, combined with the calm atmosphere of the bottle body shape, soft and tough, majestic and light.  

Lalique’s style has continued to this day, and his children have inherited his mantle. Up to now, Lalique style perfume bottles are still active in the perfume market, becoming the most sought after collections.  


Besides Lalique, the works of Emile Galle, another art Nouveau master of glass art, are also worth appreciating.  He combined inspiration from Chinese snuff bottles to create more Oriental designs.


In addition to the works of the above two art Nouveau masters, there are exquisite and unsurpassed perfume bottle designs in other times. Let’s enjoy them.  


In the 18th and 19th centuries, it was popular to install perfume bottles in egg-shaped decorations


In the 19th century, the combination of gem, precious metal, enamel and other crafts was exquisite. 


Gem carving and metal collection, calm atmosphere, natural.


Post time: Jan-17-2022