The choice of perfume for women

Choose what kind of perfume, but also depends on what kind of environment and occasion.

Choose the right perfume, it is a knowledge absolutely, let us see how clever choose the perfume that suits oneself.


1. Choose according to the fragrance time of the perfume.

If you need it to work for at least five hours, for example to a party, your bag will be too small to hold a big perfume bottle. At this time, you need to choose the fragrance that lasts a long time.

2. Choose according to your favorite fragrance type, like flower or fruit, etc.

Some people smell rich flowers and plants flavor, can produce giddy phenomenon.

Light, fruity flavors are best for you.

3. Choose according to your own style, don’t follow blindly.

Maybe one day a colleague says she likes Chanel, the next day another friend says she likes Guerlain, and the next day another friend says she likes Lancome. You might think, well, since they all said yes, I’ll take one of them. This is the impulse consumption, we should be rational to consider clearly, according to the flavor, duration and so on to go to the counter, a trial, experience to buy later.

4. Don’t chase brands.

Perfume is just a weapon we use to enhance our own attractiveness, just to play a decorative role. So, don’t think that the more famous brands are, the more I have good taste. No, if you can make people smell your regular perfume and think it’s a brand name, that really serves the purpose of perfume. Really find the scent you like, the perfume that really reflects your style.

5. Try to fix one or two brands.

If you have a fickle personality, you might like one scent of jasmine, another of rose, and another of orange. In fact, the average person has a relatively stable personality, so find a perfume that suits you and make it your own brand. Maybe someone will always remember you and the smell you smelled.

6. The wrist test.

When buying perfume, always test it first. You go to the counter, choose your favorite perfume, put it on your left and right wrists, smell it, and then go shopping. When you’re halfway there, stretch out your wrist, sniff, and continue. When you’re done shopping, smell it again. You’ll know which one you like.

Why can I only choose two? Because there are too many kinds, easy to mix.

Why three times? Because the flavor of perfume can be divided generally before taste, in taste, after taste. Depending on the evaporation of the alcohol, the spice inside will evaporate in stages.

Why on the wrist? Because the wrist exercise is large, easy to let alcohol volatilize as soon as possible, you can be in a shorter period of time, smell the fragrance of the three stages.

7. Prepare small bottles of perfume.

Usually perfumes come in trial bottles, which are small bottles. You can ask the desk clerk for a few bottles. For those occasions when you can only carry a small handbag to a party, pack one and spray on it as needed.

8. Spray at any time.

You love this perfume, but it only lasts an hour. What do you do? Carry it with you, if the taste is weak, it will be sprayed a few times.

9. Wear only one perfume a day.

Don’t mix perfumes; it’s hard to imagine what they will smell like when they mix.

10. Get rid of bad smell.

Before applying the perfume, wash yourself well and do not smell bad, especially under the armpits.

Don’t let your body odor overwhelm your perfume, and don’t let your perfume overwhelm your body odor. It’s not because you smell bad that you need to cover it up with perfume.


Post time: Jun-21-2021