The key to seal the essential oil bottle is the cap

In the process of essential oil bottle becoming popular all over the country, it seems that people pay more attention to the essential oil bottle. The beauty of the oil bottle seems to determine the price of essential oil to a great extent, which makes many essential oil manufacturers take the process of purchasing essential oil bottle very seriously and pay a large price. Dark oil bottles help to keep essential oil away from light and help to stabilize essential oil. Under the influence of this publicity, we can see that the color of essential oil bottles on the market is often brown.

Indeed, in the face of volatile and oxidation characteristics of essential oil, dark essential oil bottle can effectively reduce the volatile oil and ensure the special effect of essential oil.

However, no matter from what aspects, the most fundamental to ensure the quality of essential oil is the tightness of the oil bottle, which makes the bottle cap of the essential oil regarded as the top priority, because we can see that the tightness of the bottle cap in the liquid packaging industry around us is not very good, especially in the beverage industry. For a long time in the past, we It is often heard that foreign bodies have been found in the screw mouth of beverage bottle caps, including some large enterprises.

Therefore, we can see that for essential oil, which is considered as a relatively valuable liquid in the cosmetics industry, ensuring the quality of the liquid is a more important issue, which puts the sealing degree of the bottle cap on the important agenda. Secondly, the beauty of bottle cap material is also a key point to enhance the value of essential oil.

When purchasing essential oil, we should not only pay attention to the appearance of the bottle, but also pay attention to the sealing degree of the cap of the essential oil bottle. We should try our best to open the cap of the essential oil bottle and reduce the possibility of the essential oil being oxidized.

Post time: Nov-21-2020