These factors affect the smoothness of glass bottles

What are the key factors affecting the smoothness of glass bottles? Presumably, we are not unfamiliar with glass bottles. We can often meet them in our daily life. Some glass bottles are smooth and crystal clear at first sight, while some look stained. Today I will tell you about the factors that affect the smoothness of glass bottles.

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What are the key factors affecting the smoothness of glass bottles

1. When the toughened laminated glass blank falls into the initial mold, it cannot enter the initial mold accurately, and the friction with the abrasives wall is too large, resulting in wrinkles. After the positive blowing inspection, the wrinkles spread and expand, resulting in wrinkles on the glass bottle body.

2. The scissors scar of the upper feeder is too large, and the scissors scar occurs on the bottle body after some glass bottles are formed.

3. The initial mold and molding raw materials of the glass bottle are poor, the relative density is insufficient, and the air oxidation is too fast after the continuous high temperature, resulting in fine concave grooves on the surface of the abrasives, resulting in uneven surface of the glass bottle after forming.

4. Too low oil quality of glass bottle Abrasives will make the abrasives less moistened, reduce the dropping rate and change the material type too quickly.

5. The design concept of the initial mold is unscientific. The mold kernel is large or small. After the material drops into the forming mold, it is blown up and diffused unevenly, which will cause black spots on the glass bottle body.

6. The uneven dropping rate of the mechanical equipment and the unreasonable adjustment of the air nozzle will make the initial mold and molding temperature of the glass bottle inconsistent, which is very easy to produce cold spots on the glass bottle body and immediately endanger the smoothness.

 7. If the toughened laminated glass slurry in the furnace is not clean or the mold temperature is not uniform, the production efficiency glass bottle will have bubbles, small particles and small hemp billets.

 8. If the machine speed of the elite team is too fast or too slow, the uneven body of the glass bottle and the thickness of the bottle wall will lead to black spots.



Post time: Aug-22-2022