Tips for using empty essential oil bottles

When the last drop of essential oil is poured out of the bottle, is the life of the essential oil bottle over?
Refer to the following tips for recycling empty essential oil bottles to continue the life of lovely little fat bottles!


1Please try to tear off the label of essential oil, remove the plug and cap of essential oil bottle,

and immerse all parts of essential oil bottle into the container containing warm water.

2Pour half of the bottle cap cleaning solution into the container.

3After soaking for 10 minutes, drop a drop of lemon essential oil on the cotton ball to remove the residual glue on the bottle.


1. There are few essential oils left? This is a great time to make aromatic bath salt!Remove the essential oil stopper and bottle cap,place it and a cup of natural sea salt in a dense container, and then wait for at least 48 hours.

2. Essential oil bottle be equal to vase? This equation is absolutely true! Insert small plants or flowers into the essential oil bottle to witness the important moment of their germination and growth.

3. After thoroughly cleaning the essential oil bottle, remove the essential oil plug and cap, and gently cover the essential oil bottle with a colored lamp bulb to create a festive atmosphere!

4. Pour the carrier oil into the empty essential oil bottle to feel the aroma of essential oil anytime and anywhere.

5. use empty bottles to store the most popular skin care essential oil, geranium, tea tree and rosemary, and make the essence of facial skin.

6. Use essential oil bottles to pack personal care products such as hair care oil, facial essence and talcum powder, and simplify the installation.

Essential oil bottles

7. Put the cotton ball into the essential oil bottle, cover the bottle and take it out after 3 days, so that the cotton ball can absorb the remaining essential oil and become a multi-purpose deodorant.

Cotton balls can be used anywhere - shoes, trash cans, sports bags, or other places where fresh air is needed.

8. 5ml essential oil bottle plays an important role during going out! Pour the commonly used essential oil into the essential oil bottle and put it into the cosmetic bag. There is a self-made essential oil travel kit to accompany you anywhere.

9. Special flavor sea salt was prepared with the last few drops of essential oil seasoning. When the essential oil bottle cannot drip the essential oil, pour in sea salt and seal it. Use the aroma left in the bottle to upgrade it into a unique condiment with fragrance left in the teeth and cheeks! 

10. Take out the cork of the empty essential oil bottle and put it into the cabinet or wardrobe to make the cabinet filled with aroma. Remember to make sure that the essential oil bottle is as stable as Mount Tai - otherwise your clothes will leave an essential oil mark!

11. Freshen the mattress with the last drop of essential oil: pour in 3 / 4 baking soda to replace and clean the essential oil bottle. Let stand overnight until baking soda completely absorbs the essential oil in the bottle. Sprinkle soda on the mattress. After an hour, use the vacuum cleaner to suck away the baking soda and remove the bed odor in real time!

12. Homemade "fragrant salt" makes the fragrance of essential oil linger around. Fill the essential oil bottle with sea salt, add four drops of fresh essential oil (such as mint) and shake evenly. Open the bottle cap and smell it directly. The fresh air is between your fingers.

13. Pour cleansing oil into the essential oil bottle to add essential oil aroma to the cleansing oil.

Post time: Apr-24-2022