What are the common styles of glass bottles?

Glass bottles are often seen in the market, such as cylindrical glass bottles, slender glass bottles, large-size glass bottles, and small-size glass bottles. This kind of glass bottle is often used in wine packaging, beverage packaging, canned packaging, etc. many businesses gradually attach great importance to the change of the appearance of glass bottles, and package the appearance of glass bottles with a sound system. At present, many frosted glass bottle packaging, Baked glass bottle packaging slowly entered everyone's eyelids, making the goods new.

Glass bottles are widely used in packaging: they are often used in the packaging of alcohol, beverages, cans, honey, apple jam and household chemicals. Following the opening of glass bottle manufacturers, they are coated with colorful paint on the surface of glass bottles, and the removal of glass bottles. Glass bottles are increasingly shouldered by everyone in indoor decoration.

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Glass bottles are made of high borosilicate and sodium glass. Borosilicate glass: it is a kind of low water content, high temperature resistance, high wear resistance, high wear resistance, high light transmittance and high analytical chemical stability, especially in glass raw materials. With its excellent efficacy, it is widely used in solar power generation, chemical enterprises, pharmaceutical packaging, energy-saving lighting equipment, professional ability decorations and other positions. The characteristics of glass bottles belong to sodium glass: it belongs to one of aluminosilicate glasses. It is mainly composed of silicon dioxide, sodium carbonate and sodium oxide. For example, commonly used photovoltaic glass, bottles, cans, bulbs and other glass bottle colors: White (fully transparent), green: (green, dark green, light green) dark coffee: coffee and dark blue and other glass.

White glass bottles were widely sold in the market during the period, with a high utilization rate. Following the continuous development direction of manufacturing technology and experiencing the continuous improvement of the professional ability of glass bottle factories, we can produce white glass bottles into scarlet glass bottles, black gray glass bottles, green glass bottles, coffee glass bottles, dark green glass bottles, etc.




Post time: Jul-29-2022