What is the essence of using brown bottles?

       The reason why the brown bottle is selected is also determined according to the characteristics of the product. Brown can filter out blue and ultraviolet light, isolate ultraviolet radiation and reduce the decomposition of some components. It can maintain its efficacy for a longer time.

    The essence contains a lot of plant extracts. These extracts are not stable in various environments. In order to maintain the stability of these extracts, and to maintain the purity and effectiveness of the essence, the glass bottles are commonly used.

       Most of the essence of the market is in glass bottles.

       The essence will be placed in small brown bottles, small black bottles, small green bottles and small red bottles. This is also determined by the characteristics of the product or the ingredients it contains.

        Transparent glass bottles will be irradiated by blue light and ultraviolet light. After the extraction of plant components, they will not be irradiated by light. This will cause some ingredients to be broken down, so the effectiveness of essence will be greatly reduced. Even the shelf life will be reduced.

       Therefore, small brown bottles, small green bottles and small black bottles are not only for the beauty of products, but also for the protection of products.



Post time: Apr-11-2022