Why should there be a minimum order for glass bottles?

     Customers who have purchased glass bottles will ask a question, what is the MOQ of the glass bottles? Customers  don't understand it, why do you need to set MOQ for the glass bottles? Here we will give our customers a detailed description!

      We all know that capital is very important for every enterprise, especially working capital. Sometimes the rupture of the capital chain will lead to the failure of an enterprise. Therefore, the starting quantity of glass bottles without spot is 50000pcs, which is to reduce the occupation of working capital to a greater extent.

      When making glass bottles, first stop the machine and replace the mold. Before replacing the mold, the mold of the glass bottle should be cooled, and then replace the new mold. After the new mold is put into operation, the mold should be preheated before production. Otherwise, the glass bottles produced by the glass liquid in the state of sudden cooling have not smooth bottle walls and scratches, so when we produce each glass bottle, Each type of glass bottle is required to be produced on the machine for at least 50000pcs, while for the conventional bottle type, our bottle type is 100000pcs. If the quantity is too small, the original price of each glass bottle will rise a lot, which is unacceptable to customers and almost zero profit for us. Some customers will say, you make it and sell it slowly, isn't it the same? No, for some bottle types, the sales volume is very small. We may have made these 1 million glass bottles, but it takes six months or more to complete the sales. The company has thousands of bottle types. For conventional bottle types, we have stock for a long time, and there is no minimum starting quantity, but for special-shaped bottles, because there are many bottle types, in order to reduce inventory and reduce the occupation of funds, We must have a minimum starting quantity for customers to ensure the normal operation of the company. We would rather give up a small customer than make the company's inventory overstock and unable to sell, resulting in unnecessary problems of the company. Please understand our difficulties.  

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Post time: Mar-30-2022